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    Trade webspace/bandwidth/I will buy dedicated IPs

    I need around 10 hosts to trade with. I would need a dedicated IP with each account (I will pay for it). I need 200 mb space, 2 GB Bandwidth I will give you the same on my server(s). The sites are just simple sites that dont take up much resources, but need to be on different class c ips for seo. If you own morethan 1 server or reseller account on differen't servers you could trade morethan one account. Please pm me to trade hosting.

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    we have stuff all over the place

    let me know what you're doing exactly and we can probably help

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    Willing to pay for the space and bandwith if you dont want to trade. pm me with details.
    Eleven2 Web Hosting - World-Wide Hosting, Done Right!

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