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    $54.00/m - $0 setup | Sempron 2200, 512M ram, 40G ide, 1,000G BW, FC2 - Central

    We currently have several of the following machines available:

    1.5 GHz AMD Sempron 2200+ Processor
    512MB RAM
    40GB Hard Drive
    1000 GB Transfer/Month
    Fedora Core 2 OS (Standard)
    Webmin Installed

    Monthly Price: $54.00
    Setup Fee: $0

    2.4 GHz Intel Celeron Processor
    256 MB RAM
    40 GB Hard Drive
    1000 GB Transfer/Month
    CentOS (Standard)

    Monthly Price: $59.00
    Setup Fee: $0

    Order online with our new shopping cart @:

    All orders from WHT taken for the 2.4Ghz Celeron server will receive a
    free 256M memory upgrade after the first month of service.

    You must use the above link for this offer to be valid, sorry.

    Order turn around time:
    If you purchase a server with the 'default os' turnaround time is instant,
    you will be e-mailed your root login details once payment is completed.

    If a different os was selected, were sold out, or there was a problem with
    your orders all orders are typically resolved in 24 hours or less, if
    problems persist or you did not receive your login information please
    contact us.

    All payments are done via PayPal subscriptions only; we currently do not
    offer any other method of payment.

    Current backbone links are:
    45MB Link to
    45MB Link to WorldCom

    All servers are located in Michigan and provide great pings to all central
    United States locations and great pings to Canada (usually better then

    All servers are unmanaged, we support only hardware and network related
    99.999% network uptime, you will be emailed details about network
    maintenance and planned outages.

    All servers are hooked up in sets of 6 to power backups that can run up to
    7 minutes allowing our backup generator plenty of time to kick on (takes
    ~15 seconds).

    Any contact regarding control panels will be rejected or ignored, we do
    not offer any type of control panel, all servers come pre-installed with

    Reboots and reformats!
    Our current offer allows unlimited reboots and operating system reinstalls.

    Test IP: -

    Test Download Server:

    I will be happy to answer any questions you may have between 1PM-9PM EST.


    William Bowman – GameCP CEO
    Email/MSN: [email protected]
    Trouble Ticket: [email protected]
    Toll free: 1-866-995-8800 ext 3
    AIM: GameCPSales

    Thank you.

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    Nice pricing. Looking into it.

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    Pricing looks good. Especially on the celeron. Good luck with your sale...

    Originally posted by cnh Hosting
    Nice pricing. Looking into it.
    SeeksAdmin .:. Linux & Windows Server Management
    24/7 Coverage | 30 Day Guarantee | Fast Response Times
    Quality Outsourced Customer Support Services
    █ Drop Me A Line For Special Offers

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    Thanks everyone, were almost sold out (only a few left to go).

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    Nice sales staff

    This company's sales staff is amazing and patient. I drilled their associate on AIM with question after question, and he promptly gave me the response I desired.

    Also, their pricing is amazing. Finally, I've never seen instantaneous activation like this. AS SOON as I made the payment, the details of the server IP and login information were e-mailed.

    I STRONGLY recommend this company.

    FIVE STARS (* * * * *)

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    Is this offer still available? And if so, are the ports 10mbit or 100mbit?

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    There are a few left.

    Network cards are 100mbit going to 100mbit or gig switches to the backbones, the backbones are 2 45mbps so the max mbps is 90.

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    I have 2 of the $54.95 servers left.

    Plenty of the $59.95 ones, the free 256M upgrade gets installed this weekend so all the $59.95 boxes will have 512M of ram, no need to wait for the first month service to be completed.

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    I'd also like to attest to William's servers as well. I lease one from him and I've had absolutely zero problems with it. Will probably be getting another soon, finances permitting.

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    urbanservers, sounds great! i'll be ordering one of the $59.95 ones soon. your prices are unbeatable for what i'm looking for, and with all of these good reviews i'm more than excited.

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