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    Inquiry about game images [copyright]

    Question: Do you have to track down the artist (hired by a game developing company) who produced game images such as game wallpaper/poster before I use or even sell their work?

    Well, I noticed a lot of web developers offering design for gaming sites; they cut out parts from game wallpaper and use it on a part of the template. Then they sell them.

    Is that legal?

    I see sites like templatemonster selling game templates with these game images. So I would assume its ok?

    Then someone on this another forum tells me to actually contact these artist before I use or sell their work.

    What are the rules and restrictions regarding the use of game images?

    I am asking this because I am thinking of doing this and I just donít want to get In trouble.

    - Thanks for viewing.

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    Normally the game developer (the company that commissioned the work) would own the rights, not the actual developer persay.

    And if your final product is a recognisable derivative then yes you do need to get their permission.

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    i agree, you need permission to sell the final product.
    in templatemonster's case, they have a license from a photobank, getty i think, which let's them use graphics for redistribution...

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