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    In need of hosting will pay with skills


    I am a freelance PHP coder. I do wish that I had something live, but the domain expired on my web hosting account that was donated by someone else. They promised they wouldn't let the domain run out as long as they could contact me whenever they needed my skills. Well, they lied and let the domain expire and now I'm stuck with nothing.

    I had a member base of 600 users and over 50,000 posts on their servers and now I have nothing. I didn't even think to make a backup, because I wasn't aware this was going to happen.

    My only form of contact is montymacro -at- - Please help anyone I am in need of a domain and hosting space. I wish I could afford the price, but I can barely afford the internet alone. I am willing to do any coding work neccesary to get this domain and space.

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    Any experience doing custom coding for forms to link into billing systems...such as ? How would you personally rate your ability as a programmer?
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    I can do custom forms. No problem. I would rate myself as an 8/10, great - but obviously not the best thing to hit the web. I have coded everything from a simple counter to a fully integrated discussion community.

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    I have found someone. Thanks all!

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    Damn, always to late when a good offer comes up

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    If you are good at php and can do some stuff for weekly salary and cheaper rates.
    Pm me with your aim.

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