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    * hand coded critique plz

    Hi hand coded the new template.

    As this will house business plan.

    Does it look business like.

    Colour/Color scheme?

    Tested in Firefox Looks cool.
    Tested in Mozilla same but justifying in forums looks pants.
    MS comments welcome.

    All comments appreciated.

    The old template is located under demo of the quick links.


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    Very nice, but the header hurts my eyes. Perhaps a bit bright in contrast to the rest of the page.

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    To me it doesn't look very business like. I'd use colors otherthan just shades of blue, and format the text to verdana size 2. Also the text in the header graphic should be more readable.

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    Respect, you have renewed my faith in community. Taking on board views. Retiring to sleep then back on the case.

    Eamonn the Shaman. :-:
    We danced all nite and then the sun came up.

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