Hello there

okay im not a newbie at computers or anything but need your help please.

Im on a GPRS connection.where use your cell phone to connect to the net. therefore my cell phone has a simcard, and i connect my phone and pc then dial into my phone to the net.

everything was working well till yesterday mid-day, when i noticed i could not access some sites, and some i could.

i tried everything. Formating, reinstalling cable connection everything i could think of over and over again. still same problem.

weird thing is if i ping Any site, i get a proper ping reply, but some of those sites i cannot access. i tried browsing on my phone, and i can access all the sites there.

i have two data cables, so i tried the other one incase the first one may have been faulty, but problem persists.

some of the sites i can visit well- gmail, google, webhostingtalk..
some i cannot visit includ- dnforum.com, phpimage.com, sitepoint.com

im sure its not my isp, as i can connect perfectly on phone to all sites, not on pc though as explained.

Id appreciate your quick help in this. thanks alot!