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    * Weird pizza order spoof/phish

    they can be very dangerous! here's two emails i got..
    Thank you for placing your order at Bluebottle Pizza

    Your name: Algorythm actually it isn't but nm

    You have ordered the following items:
    20 Margherita pizza @ 5.99 each = 119.80
    5 Americana pizza @ 6.99 each = 34.95
    4 Garlic Bread pizza @ 1.99 each = 7.96
    15 cans of Tennent's Double-Strength Extra Strong Lager @ 1.99 each = 29.85 oh yea sounds like me since i don't drink alcohol

    Delivery charge 35 OMG!
    TOTAL = 230.55 + VAT

    We will deliver this order to:
    The address you gave us earlier by telephone - Wapping Branch hmmmmmmmmm...!
    Between 8-9pm
    On 3rd June 2006 WTF! - ordering pizza a year in advance?!

    Please notify us of any changes to your order as soon as possible. We are unable to accept changes less than 5 hours before a delivery is due. oh i've got loads of time..

    Please note that we only accept cash (in Euros only. We do not accept Sterling or American dollars). No cheques, credit or debit cards can be accepted either.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE - Sadly, it is becoming increasingly common for our delivery drivers to be assaulted, either verbally or physically. Bluebottle Pizza will not tolerate any such attacks and has, regrettably, decided to act to protect our staff. Please note that all our drivers are now trained to Black Dan level in some of the more violent martial arts, and may be armed. ah ha ha ha ha ha good one

    www . pizza . bluebottleplus . com i don't recommend visiting unless you use firefox and have security high, i visted and 'apparently' this is a spoof pizza order

    DISCLAIMER - Bluebottle Pizza is a subsidiary of Bluebottle Plus, and neither Bluebottle Pizza nor Bluebottle Plus takes responsibility for any lack of understanding this email may provoke, etc, etc. In other words, you've been Bluebottled. i see, well actually i don't
    i can ignore this. then i got this
    Dear customer,

    Unfortunately your transaction has not been authorized.
    Please, specify your transaction
    number 2022872 dating 22 May 2005 with total amount of 274.00 pounds.
    You've specified the following email as reachable.
    Please call us at +44-01217111915 for additional information.
    You can find the order details at w w w . a m o t r a d i ng . o r g DO NOT VIST THIS URL

    AMO SoftShop Team.
    so if it's a 'spoof' pizza order, does it have to include a 'spoof' transaction number? and when you visit the site it tries to infect you with the following?

    what alot of effort to put in, honestly. there are some morons out there with too much time on their hands
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    hehe that's pretty funny, but what a fool.

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    Internet Rule 291: Never click anything in an email you did not request or know was coming.

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    Haha, they display prices in but dont accept them. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    I would forward the BlueBottlePlus email to:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    I would forward the Amotrading email to:
    [email protected], [email protected]

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    lmao at the first email... they really had a bit too much time at hand to try to phish for info like that...
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    lol, that is so dumb. Some people have too much time on their hands.
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    That site is already down,i just tried going to it (It said closed due to violation) (The one)

    Ah well..........

    Tinyurl is the answer for posting long urls!!!

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    The Amotrading site was probably a phishing operation. I don't know about the site. It claims to be nothing but a send-a-spoof-pizza-order-to-your-friends-site. I would still report them to Namecheap for falsifying their whois-listed telephone number.

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