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    Sending login and password to password protect dir using Php

    Hi all,

    In Cpanel , there is an option to create password protected directory. But
    lets say I would like to send these details in using php script, can that be done?

    Thanks all for ya help


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    If I remembered it correctly, this used to be done long time ago, but not anymore.

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    i remember that you can go to URLs like that with username:[email protected]

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    You can.

    If I understand correctly, you want to have a password protected directory that is created using php.

    There is a tutorial at Zend's website.

    If I understand your question correctly, the answer is there.
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    yes, that's what he wanted, but the info from the link is back in the year of 2000. Ever since IE 6.0 and the like came out, that method does not work any more. You won't be able to pass password and username created by using htaccess (cpanel) in your php script. It was for some kind of security matter, I remember I onced wanted to do that about a year ago

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    Thanks all for your answers. I think I have to work around on this one.


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