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    Looking for a partner (coding, site development, and marketing)

    Looking for someone (1) to partner with on a little adventure. As sites such as and many more have become very popular. I am not in this for the money, as advertising could very well pay off sometime. My main need is a partner to go in with me to help develop this project.

    Knowledge in PHP/MySQL coding
    Knowledge of basic server/hosting operations
    Knowledge of Site development and possible design experience

    I have all of the preferred knowledge myself, just looking for someone equally or close enough to help. Being payed would come later down the road. I should be able to pick up the minor expenses.

    Anyone who has ideas and more... those are always appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any interest.

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    Please contact me via crystalstreaminc at with the complete project details. I am very interested in this.

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    I'm interested as well; my e-mail is xlostit [at], could you send me more info please.

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    I'm interested as well. Please send me more info.

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