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    I think I'm going to leap off a cliff

    I've been trying to get a website off the ground for going on two years and after thousands of dollars, dozens of designers and programmers, numerous hosts (even though I had no site to PUT them on) I'm still no closer to getting there. I just wasted another $100 on someone who said they knew EXACTLY what I needed. I spent about 15 hours over the last few days drawing up guides and mock-ups to make things easier. Asked a million times if they understood, they said they did. What am I to do? I mention everything again anyway. Well to cut a long story short they turn around after they've started and got my money and discover numerous things that they don't understand. Well, I've already PAID them for their time so, well, I am once again ****ed.

    I really just don't know what to do. Are there places like eBay that auction off already complete websites?

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    Don't kill yourself.
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    Theres already completed websites on here, what kind of site is it? (if i may ask)

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    I won't actually kill myself - but I am pretty close to giving up on my dream, which is like part of me dying. Sorry to sound so melodramatic, but I'm just tired of getting my hopes up with each new employee and having them dashed not too long later.

    As for what kind of website it is, its a media site - it would be like IGN's smaller brother (easiest way to describe it).

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    Have you tried looking at the more recomended developers on WHT?

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    ^ Thanks to the person who sent me the link to that site. I'll take a look at that.

    As for the more recommended developers here, is there a place where I can find this info? I have to admit I've had trouble navigating the boards here and finding the right place for what.

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    It would have been cheaper for you to do a web design course with the money you have spent already

    Here is a good place to ask for recommendations on the best web designers. To buy established sites, there are often some for sale in the Other Offers and Requests forum.
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    why not just purchase a ready made forum site. i know the feeling, i have recently sold my forum site. i worked from a template and adjusted it to suit my needs.

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