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    First post... hopefully this hasn't been answered 100,000 times.

    What on earth should I be looking for in a web host these days? I've a buddy who runs a couple sites and he's still paying like $50 a month for web space... kind of grandfathered in and all that.

    I've told him he can get it for ~8 these days, and now we're trying to find a good place to put him.

    What should I like for in terms of REAL differentiation? Most shops seem quite "Crazy Eddie" and offer the same rehashed plans including disk space way beyond the point of diminishing returns and some arbitrarily high number of email accounts I'll never use. I don't want to pay for 620GB of space and 18,000 email aliases if I intend to use 2MB and 4 true addresses.

    It all seems the same...

    510 TB Disk Space!
    120 TB HOURLY Transfer!
    Act now and receive a FREE CRAP THROWING MONKEY!

    I'd gladly pay a few dollars more in order to host with a more professional organization. It seems everyone offers the same feature set and the only real differentiation is price.


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    You can look in the shared and reseller hosting offers section, there are plenty of web hosts that post on these forums. You did happen to mention what you wouldn't like, but forgot to mention what you would like to get (specs).

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    Look around. I'm probably a bit TOO pricey. You might like sonataweb a lot.
    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    Also after you find some companies, search around WHT to get some feedback/information regarding them
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    It seems everyone offers the same feature set and the only real differentiation is price.
    That is definitely not the case.

    There are different types of hosts for different types of needs, at different price points.

    Yes, the budget hosting market makes it seem there is no other point of comparison left except price. What are not so easily apparent are the differences in server performance (or how loaded the server is), the quality and responsiveness of support etc.

    Also, even if all you want are 20 Mb of space and 500mb of data transfer, it doesn't actually make sense for many hosts to charge only $0.5. It's been stated by some hosts that it doesn't make sense from their point of view to charge under $10 (paid monthly) no matter the space & data transfer requirements.

    While $10 might be a bit too high of a number, there certainly is a price point where their reasoning really holds water.

    Good luck in your search!

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