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    Arrow [For Hire] Experienced game server admin needs any job in the industry

    Evening everyone. I'm a 17-year-old high school student who will be available all summer full-time, and then once school starts I can work a 30 hour week maximum. I can work during the day and be on call all the time if you should need me. I'm really looking for any job in the industry in order for me to gain more experience and a little profit. I prefer to be paid on a weekly or monthly basis instead of a per ticket or other type of system, but really I'm open to all offers.

    Now, on to my experience. The majority of my experience in this industry has been helping companies launch game server hosting divisions of their company. Most of these companies are listed below in my resume, but a few aren't because I'm still under NDA. I've done everything from training support and sales staff to be able to respond to gaming-related questions to administrating and managing the machines themselves. Nearly all of my work has been with the Half-Life dedicated server so, If possible, I'd like to broaden my skills in the game hosting industry, but I'll be perfectly happy working as a server administrator, support staffer, sales (although I'd need some training as to where to get sales, etc), or anything else you need.

    If you're looking for a dedicated, hard-working individual with a great grasp of the English language to communicate well to clients, I'm the person for you!

    My resume is as follows:

    Objective: To obtain any job in the broad web hosting industry.

    Industry Experience:
    Administrated RedHat Linux 7.3/8/9, Fedora Cores 1, 2 and 3 and Debian Linux 3 Sarge:
    Compiled general software packages from source, such as Apache, PHP, etc.
    Created journaling filesystems, managed filesystem tabs, etc.
    Created bash scripts to automate certain tasks
    Used chkconfig to create new system startup entries and manage existing ones
    Edited and secured iptables rules for system security
    Updated kernels from vanilla source and RedHat RPM.
    Managed crontabs to automate system tasks
    Monitored system workload and maintained a safe working environment for other applications
    Updated and troubleshot general server applications

    Administrated the following game server daemons, including modifications and addons:
    Half-Life dedicated server (extensive experience)
    Half-Life Source dedicated server
    Unreal 2004

    Work History:

    True North Network --- 7/04-1/05
    Linux Systems Administrator
    Maintain stability and security on several RedHat Linux machines: updates applied daily via up2date and apt. Several machines Fedora Core 2, others RedHat 9. --- 7/04-4/05
    HijackThis Team Member
    Provide assistance to users plagued by viruses, spyware and other malware through the analysis of HijackThis log files. --- 2/04-6/04
    Game Server Administrator/Linux Systems Administrator
    Responsible for maintaining a secure working environment
    for Linux-based web, FTP, mail and database backend server. Also administered several Half-Life dedicated servers on Windows boxes.

    #hlds Operator on GameSurge IRC 12/03-present
    Help users solve problems relating to the use of the Half-Life dedicated server daemon

    Murrysville Community Library --- 8/03-10/03
    Library Page
    Entrusted with the care of patrons and general library
    operation including sorting and management of inventory

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Pennsylvania Chapter
    National Rifle Association
    Presbyterian Church of America
    Franklin Regional Gifted Program
    National Honor Society


    First Place, Technology Concepts, Region 11 Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    First Place, Technology Concepts, State Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    Second Place, Network Concepts, Region 11 Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    Third Place, Network Concepts, State Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    First Place, Network Design, Region 11 Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    Fourth Place, Network Design, State Leadership Conference (FBLA)
    Microsoft Word 2000 Certified User Specialist
    Please contact me with any and all job offers, I'm considering everything. Please leave a description of the job opening you have and any salary offerings. You can:

    1. PM me here on WHT
    2. E-mail me at chrisarmstrong (at) adelphia (dot) net
    3. Reply to this post with comments and/or questions

    I look forward to reading all offers, and thanks for reading.

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    Job hunt...

    Hello Chris

    I just saw your post on looking for work...

    Are you still looking?


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