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    Apparment in Mountainview, CA

    I'm hoping the residents of the Moutainview/San Jose area can give me a hand here.

    My brother's in Moutainview on a co-op/internship from Toronto. He's got housing for a month (next 25 days) but after that he's on his own.

    I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand as to where to look for half decent/afforable 2 bedroom appartment/house. He'll have a roomate, who also went with him from Toronto.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

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    1,145 is a good place to look. He should also pick up a local city paper and look through the classifieds. Another thing he could do is just go around to the apartment complexes and see if they're renting, they usually have offices

    On a side note, he should have his papers in order and have enough for one month's rent + deposit (which is usually the same as rent). Tell him to take pictures of the place so that when his lease is up, he will have evidence to get his deposit back. Some landlords here in the States (and I'm sure elsewhere) try to screw people out of their deposits. If he has evidence, it should be an easy case to win in small claims court should the need arise.
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