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    Windows 2003 Std, Celeron 2.4GHZ, 512mb Ram, 80GB HDD, 1.5TB BW

    The following server was used to host some backup files for my other servers, so it is not the most powerful server, but..

    I have a contract for 7 more months and would like to rent it at cost.

    It is located in NAC,

    Celeron 2.4GHZ
    512mb Ram
    80GB HDD
    Windows 2003 Std.
    1.5TB Bandwith
    100mb port
    Remote Reboot
    8 IP's
    Change to CentOS-3.4 i386 for only $10
    Add Cpanel for only $40 , but Direct Admin is Free if you upgrade to CentOS-3.4 i386.

    The price is $120 /month.

    Payment via PayPal.

    PM if interested.

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    Just to confirm... thats a how much bandwidth exactly?
    - I know what TB is but I want to make sure you typed what you meant...

    Also, after the 7 months do you know if the company youre renting it from would allow it to be changed into our name without anything being changed to the server at all...?
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    It is 1.5TB, 1500GB per month,

    NAC will push it to your any other NAC account, so all you have to do is open a free nac account.

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