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    Yahoo Domains.. Anyway To Transfer Or Sell?

    Can domains bought via Yahoo be sold and or transfered to a new person? What about to another registrar?

    I ask this because I have not been able to find any info on this so far.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yahoo outsources its registry service to MelbourneIT. Your first step should be to get the registry key so you can control your domain directly through MelbourneIT's site.

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    You can transfer the domain name away from Yahoo. Last time I have done, it took around 12 days.
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    enom is the best registrar

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    Does anyone have more detailed or step-by-step instructions?
    IE: how to get the 'registry key' and how to use it?

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    yeah its possible i've bought a domain with MelbourneIT and got it transfered into a new account of mine.

    but yet its better to transfer it outside to easier to manage please IMO
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    I'd heard people having a hard time trying to transfer away from yahoo so when I put my transfer in motion I started a thread for people to see the pitfalls or the success of moving from yahoo, here's the thread:

    Attempt to transfer domain reg from yahoo

    I found it a piece of cake and although I didn't have the registry key, I didn't need it/wasn't asked for it by my new registrar.

    How do I transfer my domain to another registrar?

    The transfer went through just fine.

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