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    Do most hosts allow embedded php in html?

    My hosting company (HostCentric, formerly Web2010) just told me that embed php code in regular html files (with .htm or .html extension) is not supported with unix/apache. But I know it is supported on at least some unix/apache hosting services. I'm wondering if this is common? I would hate to have to move this site for that reason. I'm hoping the new owners will do a better job of upgrading apache modules and customer support.

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    Its possible to pipe every html file through mod_php, but the server would take a huge performance hit.

    If you are allowed to use AddHandler and AddType in your .htaccess file, you may be able to get this behavior enabled just for the files you need it on.

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    It is supported but as classics noted it is an extremely bad idea performance wise.

    You most likely can enable it yourself via your .htaccess

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