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    VPS Questions from a newbie


    I have a big mySQL file (1 GIG) and am planning to offer a service that will search this database and return results based on keywords.

    I am currently hosted at Hostgator but their speed may not be good enough for what I need so I am contemplating the option of upgrading to a VPS.

    I don't know what I may need in terms of bandwith yet and I will probably add more to the database on a daily basis (probably up to 3 GIGs in the next few months).

    What I need in a server is:
    - Speed
    - Easy to use (with Cpanel if possible)
    - Upgradable should I need more resources.

    Also, if I need to upgrade to a dedicated (managed) server, I was wondering if it would be easy to do without having to download and upload every file on my server?

    Can you please suggest a reliable provider that is not too expensive (under $50) and that will help me upgrade if needed?


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    You will get better performance with big databases from shared hosting than you will with a VPS. If shared can't handle it you'll need a dedicated not a VPS.


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