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    Question May I have some advice on where to host.

    I need a fairly inexpensive web host (I'm only 14, I don't have a large income), preferrably a yearly cost. It needs to support MySQL and PHP, have the ability to support phpBB forums, and to be able to handle the traffic of webrings such as the Q*Bee and fanlistings, and the traffic to the forums (probably about 30 or so). I already have a domain name. I was going to use, but I was wondering if there was a host better suited to my needs.

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    there are alote of hosts here that can offer you this.i would do a search on wht dont pick the first one you see look at there tos uptime and test there support
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    Look in the shared and reseller hosting offer section, there are plenty of hosts on these forums that would be able to accommodate your needs.

    Good luck with your search

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    Yes - there is many hosts out there who can give you deals on what you are looking for and some of them may be even generous to host it for an incredibly low price. Look around here, and in other forums and i am sure you will find some.

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    Just be careful though, when it comes to choosing an inexpensive host
    As many people on here have found, a small cost comes at a price... wether that be lack of service, uptime, etc... Not saying that there arent inexpensive hosts out there that are fantastic, just saying be careful and do your research
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    JellyFish72, you're looking at an inexpensive Linux based host (Based on your comments about phpbb, traffic, mysql/php etc). There are tons of them to look over, best to research one that you find has little or no negative comments or unaddressed issues.
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    1. Mail their sales to see the pre-sales response time.
    2. Call their support to see how is their response
    3. Check their domain whois to see how long they are in business.
    4. Count down in last few hosts then search about review on them here.
    5. Signup and post a review in WHT so that others can know who is the good and who is the bad one out there :-)

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    JellyFish72, judging from what I've seen at, would I be wrong if I assume you're looking to spend around $30 per year or less?

    Along with what others have already said, be careful. Quality equipment and support cost $$$. After all, if your sites are down, what good are they? Then there is the problem of locking for a year with a provider that may not deliver as promised or expected. Now you need to move your sites once again and that bargain is no longer what it seemed to be and is now costing you even more money.

    I've never heard of but I see a low end outfit from the quick glance I took.

    I know some great hosting providers but unfotunately they are much more expensive. However, going with the budget you appear to be working with, take a look at (very limited support - see site for details). I've used them in the past and was happy for the most part. See if there's a plan that fits your needs and budget.

    There are others and I could throw names around but I prefer to recommend providers I've actually had experience with.

    Good luck!

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    I suggest you look for hosts with good customer feedback. THen see if their prices + features are in your taste, and email them some questions to check how quickly they respond + if the answers make sense....
    You generally get a better price when paying a year in advance, on the other hand you take a greater risk with your money.
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