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    How Secure is Your System REALLY

    Had to share this online tool - been using it a while now, has been helpful - if you know of any others, won't you please share them

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    Oh... by the title, I though this was a substantive, web hosting related thread... got it wrong, obviously.

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    All that tool does is a port scan. It doesn't give you any idea about your systems "secureness". You could have every port open, and still run the most secure system around. It all depends on what is running on the ports and what software you are running.

    It does give you a idea of what you have running on your system though, which is good.
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    Configuring and optimizing web hosting servers and operating systems, developing administration scripts, building servers, protecting against hackers, and general security (SSL certificates, etc.)
    protecting against hackers, and general security

    what prompts people to be rude and sarcastic - over so little?????

    if the post was so unacceptable - just ignore it
    or -- the Admin would have found another category

    Hope this does not dissuade others from posting pre-tested online security tools they have found helpful, to help others

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    external security and internal security are two different things.
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