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    Logo and Full site design

    I'm in need of somebody to do some logo work and site design for a new company. We got business before we had an online presence and are now playing catch up. Right now the site is only 3 pages with an unrefined logo. I would like a more professional logo (somewhat same theme though) and obviously a more professional site.

    Our target audience is companies looking for help in forensic investigations, incident recovery, password cracking, and security/forensic training. It's mainly going to be law firms, private investigators, and IT departments or server admins.

    Current website at

    Just quote prices here in a reply. I'm not looking to spend a fortune since the site isn't huge, but I want something very professional. Can point people to sources for sites that I like in the same industry. Any other questions, just let me know. Thanks.

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    We at Arbel Designs would like to offer our services.
    We can create a professional website that will suit your needs. We cannot give you an accurate final quote at this moment becasue we don't know how many pages you will be needing and if you would like flash to be incorporated in the design.

    Here are a few recent designs:

    Entire Portfolio

    We have a special package which includes:
    - Custom Template
    - Custom Logo
    - Flash Header
    - Flash Navigation
    - Sub Page
    All this for $225

    Also we have great pre-made Designs.. These designs include:
    - Exclusive, Unique, Will Not be resold
    - Full Customization
    - Sub Page
    - Sliced HTML
    - Fonts, PSD, HTML, Image files
    Check them out:

    If you are interested please contact us:
    [email protected]
    icq: 8682204
    Idan Arbel - Arbel Designs
    icq: 8682204

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    Basically what you are asking is a site redesign. We will be glad to help you.

    Normally this type of requirement (basic html design) is around $250. We can redesign also your logo for a special price of $50 (if you order web design). Normal logo pricing is $100. The total quote is $300. Payment arrangement: 50% downpayment, 50% upon completion. We can accept Paypal.

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve.

    I help entrepreneurs develop online branding. I value my clients and build relationships. I am a friend.
    Let me assist you with your website design, logo design and other graphics needs.
    Ganah Solutions, a brand creation agency. Solidify your brand. Connect your business.

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    Greetings! Please visit our website at If you should like the quality of our designs, please get back to us so we can discuss further. I need more information in order to provide a proper quote. I would be please to be considered for your project. We are available to start on your project immediately.
    Creative Web Standards Designs (XHTML/CSS)
    Weevox Studios
    A Web Designer's Blog

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    I have contacted you via e-mail and PM

    Thank You for your time.

    Jason Grzybowski

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    Dear sir,madam

    Good day to you.I would be very pleased to be considered for your project. I am
    runnning : a site featuring my graphic design works and
    photography.I've been a pro graphic designer for more than 4 years now.

    If you provide me some of your ready -text and /graphics/reference sites or your
    specs, i can provide you a mockup in less than 24 hours. I hope you will reply
    with more details for me to quote.How may page will your site be, ? It will cost you no0 less than USd 300

    Most of the urls below are design works, but i am almost completing this site
    which involves xml - flash programming ( the graphic design is by the clients)
    .On the right,
    the data will load, you can scroll the list of sites too.

    I invite you to visit my site,and carefully go through my design works.I'm
    and i hope that you will like my style.Or, you can view these works

    -Featured site designed in terms of banners,headers,layout graphics and
    -the first mockup ( it's probably not up yet but the layout is
    here:- - it's been a year , they have their own people
    mantaining the site , but below are the mockups used for this site.

    you can also go to the multimedia section of this site to view the flash
    slideshow player.

    Flash -XML image slideshow


    flash Headers-

    flash movies/navigations - click on "events" and "contact us" and you
    will see flash movies load, iamges borrowed from getty

    Logos -
    flash headers , graphic Layout Templates, logos ( just the header)

    Layout Templates,headers,logos and graphics

    SERIOUS BRANDING --Layout Templates,headers,logo(3d) and graphics

    3d graphics and some print stuffs

    Flash,3d,graphics,XML -

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

    I am available to start immediately on your project and would be grateful
    for your reply.

    With kind regards


    AIM: tumeveux1
    ICQ: tumeveux
    YahooIM: nazcoeur4 @
    MSN: coeurdart @
    designer's site:
    email:nazrin @

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