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    Have recently dug this one out of my archives.

    No traffic as I only just put it back online. in two days, 8 uniques.

    Script is by scriptdemo and costs $149 to purchase.

    Use the link to see a demo of the admin area.

    Lots of features including banner management.

    Users can:

    Post Jokes
    Post Pictures
    Subscribe/unsubscribe to site daily/weekly/monthly joke newsletter
    Subscribe to advertiser newsletters
    Send joke to his friends
    Send postcards to his friends
    Put on their site Content channel with "Joke of the day" and "Picture of the day"

    New features:

    Choose preferred language
    Rate each joke once in a time limit
    Print preferred joke (in printable version)


    Add/delete/modify/validate jokes
    Add/delete/modify/validate pictures
    Add/delete/modify joke, picture, censor, newsletter categories
    Modify site colors (layout) and most important site settings
    Manage daily/weekly/monthly newsletters
    Manage newsletter subscribers
    Manage advertiser newsletters
    Send bulk email to subscribers
    Add/delete/modify Banners

    New features:

    Change all texts and language related images
    Add new language
    Set charset option for each language
    Set time limit for two consecutive rating of a joke
    Set dirty word filter
    Choose html or text email option
    Database management: backup/restore/update database
    Choose to view random images or selected images at images area
    Show/hide left part and right part forms
    Can allow users to post jokes/pictures without validation

    Site has over 1000 jokes and a good few pictures to get it up and running.

    Accepting offers in this thread only.

    Domain is at namecheap and registered until Nov 20th.

    Default skin at present but very easy to change.

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    I assume you are selling it?
    Tyler Cole
    Eeek, a Blog

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    Sorry, yes should have made that clear.

    offer of $75 received on another forum. Will sell for $100 to the first to post "sold".

    Think thats fair given the script cost $149 and I have added over 1000 jokes and 60 images.

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    Current offer is now $50, selling at that in 2 hours if no other bids.

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