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    Nameserver/DNS Catch-all

    I've spent 4 hours today searching all over Google, WebHostingTalk, and even contacted LiquidWeb (the company that hosts my server), and I absolutely can't find a solution to what I want to do. LiquidWebMike is going to look into it in a few days when he has time, but if anyone here knows a solution, I'd really like to know it now because from what I've read, other people are looking for something like this too.

    Here's the facts:

    I have about 100+ domains.
    Let's say about 20 of them are setup on my server.
    Let's also say that all 100+ have my servers nameservers.
    Therefore, the 20 that are setup on my server through WHM, all show their sites, index listings, whatever, however the other 80 which are not setup in whm, and thus in the nameservers, show a "Page cannot be displayed" when you try and access them.

    Makes sense right? If the domains come into the server and don't know where to go, then sure, it should error out. However, what I'd like to do is make them hit a default parked page, sort of a catch-all deal, for any domain that is not setup in WHM.

    So for example, I have these domains: is setup in WHM, works great, accesses and shows a site. and were registered and configured with the right nameservers, but aren't setup in WHM. I'd like them to do a sort of Sedo type thing, where you point your nameservers to the server and it points them to a "This domain is parked at Sedo!" type deal. I suppose some sort of wildcard dns would be needed here, really I'm not sure though. Maybe some sort of script (anyone know of an existing one), or maybe it's a simple one line entry I don't know and you guys can help. Either way, I appreciate any assistance you guys can provide..... thanks!

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    Depending on your registrar, you could setup a "web-redirection" to some page..

    Sedo does the same as configuring your domain in WHM, they have no secret They are handling the domain same way as other control panel does. Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    you cant configure domains automatically without adding them to your DNS, sedo adds the domain to their DNS records and have a default IP address to point it to.

    i do exactly what you want by having a <VirtualHost> entry pointing to special directly.

    for example if you go to the main server IP http://111.222.333.444 it will point by default to /etc/httpd/htdocs/index.html for example (having in mind there is a default <virtualhost> entry that points to that dir, otherwise it will point to the first webhosting account.

    so what you need todo is the following:
    1- when you add a domain to your DNS point it to a certain IP say 111.222.333.444
    2- add an entry to your httpd.conf that states:
    <VirtualHost 111.222.333.444>
    DocumentRoot /some/where/you/want
    also make sure the IP is dedicated for this purpose so whenever you point ANY domain to that IP it will be redirected to that dir and no need to add ServerAlias line and a domain next to it.

    i doubt u can add *.com in your DNS and point it to certain IP, but what i stated above should work just fine, of course baring in mind that you add the domains you want to your DNS and point them to that IP
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    Im sorry to dig up an old thread Rich, but how did you get on, did you resolve your problem..

    I tto have the same problem right now with 00,000 domains. I cant believe Sedo would make an entry for millions of domains in their dns. How can that be automated..

    Did you try using a wildcard entry system?

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    The simplest approach (and what we support for our customers) is, in fact, a wildcard DNS record. It can be done on two levels.

    For specific domains, you create a * record that points to the target IP. Your www and other addresses point to their appropriate IPs.

    To handle a nameserver-wide catchall, you create a *.com wildcard, *.net, etc.

    The specifics are peculiar to the nameserver software that you're running.

    We forward the wildcards to a redirector so that we can both identify what the wildcards are resolving to (i.e., what people are typing in) and count the traffic. The redirector then sends the request (with a 403 Redirect) on to the landing page configured in our database, or to the default if there's no IP specified.

    For djbdns the record is C* where is the domain for which we want to capture the non-www entries and is the canonical name for the server that handles our counting and redirection. In your case would be your default landing page.

    If you google "DNS poisoning" and the software you're using you'll probably find details and/or clues that'll help in your specific situation.

    Hope that helps....

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    did you ever get this to work?

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