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    Question Folder contents page help!!!


    When there is no index file (e.g. index.php) A folder contents page displays in place right which shows all of the folders contents...

    I need to edit this folder contents script to do something else aswell... but i dont know where the source of this script is to edit...

    Windows XP with EasyPHP 1.7

    Any help appreciated

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    That script is in the server, I think you won't be able to edit it.

    You could try making the whole script form scratch.

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    could do but that means placing a index.php in every folder lol. I wouldnt say i cant be arsed to do that, but i feel that its an awquard way to do it as the source for the folder contents should surely be somewhere.. what would happen if i made a 404.php? would it still display folder contents or would it goto 404?

    by the way the servers in front of me

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