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    AMD duacl core desktop pricing

    I think we will see a flood of dual core server using desktop chips.
    They present a very good value proposition.
    The main advantage is that one does not need to use expensive registered ecc ram.

    A sample config:
    *) 1 dual core Athlon 64 x2 4200, $537
    *) socket 939 mb, $100 (no need for fancy things, as this is for server)
    *) 2GB of PC3200 ram, 4x512, $160

    Using Opteron
    1) 2 x Opteron 246, $500
    2) 2P opteron board, $300
    3) 2GB of pc3200 reg ecc ram, $300

    ExtremeTech writes Intel's Pentium D is priced very competitively compared to AMD's dual-core desktop offerings.

    The slowest Athlon X2 from AMD, the 4200+, costs $537 while Intel's slowest Pentium D, the 820, costs only $241. This is more than halve less than AMD's cheapest dual-core processor.

    The main reason for the huge price difference is AMD's limited production capacity. While Intel is producing 90nm chips in all of its fabs, AMD has only one fab, although it is opening a second in Dresden, Germany.

    Analysts claim AMD is currently not in the position to move its product line to dual-core, until it brings on an additional fab. This could either be its own Fab 36 or a foundry.
    "Our desktop dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 products are priced based on performance," said Cathy Abbinanti, an AMD spokeswoman, when asked for comment on the pricing discrepancy. "Based on the performance benchmark information in recent third-party reviews of the competition's dual-core desktop product, we believe our lowest performing AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor will outperform Intel's highest performing dual-core part."

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    AMD 4200+ is much faster than Pentium D 820

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