Hello WHTers!

I recently moved out from my parents home, and am in need of funds to help pay for bills and such. I have 4 years experience in the hosting business--I have ran my own company, worked at around 10 companies (will give contact details if requested), and co-owned hosting and server companies (minority owner).

Some of my skills include:

-English/Hindi speaking
-Basic HTML/Photoshop/PHP/MySQL
-ModernBill, Kayako, Cpanel, WHM, Ensim, Helm, VHCS, Webmin and many others
-Live Support from 4PM-10PM PST (GMT-8)

Im currently still attending school, majoring in Networking field.

Anything from $100-400 monthly salary would be great (no sales please).

Contact via PM if interested in hiring me. Please include MSN/AIM/EMail in PM.