Internet Army has just released its brand new reseller program.

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Internet Army is a one of a kind technology & marketing company that offers a nationwide content delivery platform. The company has established several data center locations in the continental United States and offers some of the most high-end solutions for the most demanding customers.

Internet Army has offices which operate 24/7, providing live support via telephone as well as email ticketing systems as well as web site chat support.

In business since early 2003, Internet Army has established itself as a premier provider for dedicated server hosting, distributed content delivery and streaming media as well as its programming, development and marketing services.

Some of the Benefits we Offer are;
[list=1][*]Unsurpassed Connectivity[*]Lower Bandwidth Costs[*]Ability to Resell our Low-Cost Dedicated Servers[*]Ability to Resell our Products, Development and Marketing Services[*]Extensive Peering Agreements[/list=1]