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    Need to buy server with windows and Hsphere help pls

    I need server with 80 GB celeron or p4 with Hsphere and windows 2003 to host multiple domains for my resellers.
    1. ) Where can i get dedicated server for under $99 apx. and no setup fee, (Urgent requirement)
    2.)) Is there any other extra software's i will need to buy before i can start reselling my space ?
    3.))) My main requirement will be to run asp files with Microsoft Access as database, do i need to buy something from Microsoft for this or most of access drivers will come pre installed in windows IIS.
    4.)))) How do hosting companies provide hosting plan which comes with webalizer for stats of domain preinstalled ? Do i have to buy webalizer or they have a free version. How will i setup the server that this webalizer will be available to each of the domains hosted on my server ?
    5.))))) Please guide me to buy a server at good hosting farm and not in a house basement . (How can i check if this is hosted at a professional data center and not at someone's private basement)
    Please let me know answers on any of the questions which you are aware of.
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    Windows and Hsphere


    You will need at least 2 servers in your hsphere cluster if you want to have windows hosting. The Hsphere CP requires a *nix os to run. You could get 2 boxes and have a *nix os on that with your cp, dns1, mail servers, and use the windows box as web, mysql, dns2. You can also find more info at

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks resellersHQ , instead of getting two servers just to run windows hosting , Two ip won't be good enough ?

    I don't mind Any other Contorl panel which doesn't require two servers ?

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    Like I said, with Hsphere, you will need at least one *nix box. Two IP's wont help because the Hsphere Control Panel only runs on *nix flavored OS.

    I would suggest seaching the fourms for answers to your questions. You will get a ton of responses and options to check out.

    Hope this helps.

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    Gr8 thanks
    Now i just need some one to recommend me who should i buy it from please.
    And i thought there must be some one here who will offer me server ?

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    for hsphere servers

    and with plesk. they have rapid deploy servers which are basically ready as soon as you order the thing providing it is linux however, if you want windows it might take a day or 2. sempron server is $65/mo with $19 setup and plesk with 30 domains and windows 2003 web $97/mo

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    rmurray321 thanks, 30 domain restriction .. i have over 200 domains needs to be hosted now and they will increase. At psoft resellers links i still couldn't find who is cheap every one is like want setup fee and this and that. Seems like any one who is in it making it big and don't need more business , that's why keeping prices so high. But in past i had seen pretty good deals on this forum itself. ha i guess i will still be lookin ...

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