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    Bit of work available to whoever impresses most :)

    Right there are so many of you out there that are very good at designs/templates etc that I don't know who to use. The best way I think I can decide is to give you a list of what Im going to need and see who can impress me most with their ideas for it. Ideally I'd like to see a logo/business card design as the sample, but feel free to go into as much depth as you like. I will however defiantely give the work to someone who responds. Obviously feel free to watermark any work etc, I'm not looking for free stuff to rip off If you could email any samples / ideas to [email protected] I'll check them out and get back to you with comments.

    The work is for a new business venture myself and a friend are starting out on. It is for a computer company that specialises in onsite computer maintainence for the general public. Also we will do custom builds, network installs and a bit of tuition onsite. The business cards / flyers need to come across as "friendly" but also professional.. Well you all know the drill. The business is a partnership consisting of 2 people and is called "the computer men" and the work must be unique. Obviously I understand the costs involved for unique work and am happy to pay them.

    This is what I will need:

    logo (most important bit)
    business card design
    flyer design A4 or A5 advert to put through doors (obviously I will fill in the info, just need a template for it)
    web site template
    letter heads
    compliments slips

    my msn is [email protected] however you are best off emailing me as im rarely on my computer. I will give the work to someone in 3 days time, so gives you all a fair bit of time.



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    Hello ar eu based in the UK? if so have u purchaseda a domain yet? i wil email u but i could sort a website and designs for you iam base din london/essex

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    Hi, I'd be interested in participating but will not be able to have somehting ready for tommorow. Wednesday is a possibility though ..


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