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    Question newb needs DNS help

    I searched many threads, great topics by the way, and could not find what i am needing help with.

    I to went the GODADDY route and am trying to place a site i already built useing verizons hosting and site builder(i'm new to this) to the new domain name i purchased.

    i currently have it set up to forward my new domain to the [email protected] site.

    this works, but not the way i am wanting. i want my old site to be under my new domain. i know it has to do with my nameserver, but i can not find my verizon site nameserver to transfer it.

    any help would be appreciated, thanks,

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    What is the URL to the hosting company you are currently with? may help.
    The nameservers would be something along the lines of:
    But rember, you must point your site to this domain also! Ask your host for more help.

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    All you need is the DNS in order to update the DNS settings from GoDaddy.

    Contact your hosts and get the DNS settings and then change the DNS from your domain management control panel.
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    thanks, i figured it must be something simple as that, just was not sure where to get the info.

    thanks again.

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