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Thread: Competitions

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    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted your opinions on competitions to attract new clients to using your hosting services. Does it work if you offer customers a years hosting for free? Do most of them then sign up and use your services? I know it can be complete luck but does anyone have any experience with using this way of getting new customers?

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    I dont think after a free year, many of them become your paid customers, if your services are not good enough. And even the services are good, many will leave to another free site as well.

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    I have used that method in the past. I gave away 10 FREE accounts for 6 months. There was no contract for them to continue hosting with me after the 6 months. Not one of them stayed with me after the 6 months was over. This also did not help to bring potential buyers to my site. I advice you not to take this route but to advertise using Google and other web-hosting directories.

    My 2 Cents

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    Many Web Hosts offer 1 Year free, but with 1 years paid in advanced. Your getting something, but I think of it this way, you would be losing alot in the end, say I offered you a 5.00 plan and I would give you 1 year free if you payed a year in advanced, thats 12 x 5 = $60 dollars for 2 years of Web Hosting. Your pretty much losing 50% of your profits. I wouldnt worry about competition, if you have great support, dedication, and lots of free time, you will do just fine. When you get many happy clients, thw rod of your company will only spread about a great service and soon you will sky rocket in my oppinion.

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    I wouldnt bother with that myself, what we do is offer the first month for $1 so users can try our service and see if it for them or not, i wouldnt think theres a point giving away a year or 6 months free hosting they could just be people who want free hosting.
    I trust youll make the right decision

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    We have run 1 year for 1 penny promotions in the past and they worked out great for us. Not only did most of them renew in 1 year, but they often referred other PAYING customers to us within the first 12 months and/or bought other services from us.

    If your business model can sustain giving away 12 months free, its really not a bad gimmick.

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    in regards to a competition... I think it can work if you look at it as publicity for your services... like a media blitz... say if you offer free webhosting to the small business with "the best business plan" or something like that...

    I would not look for the winner(s) to stay with me but as a way to get my company name out to the public and to brand

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    I think they key to promotions like this is make sure you charge them something for hosting even if it is $1.

    The reason for that is just so you know they have the ability to pay (credit cards). Otherwise hosting them for free might just turn out to be a waste of your resources if they can't pay after the year is up.

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