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    Looking for a hoster who can host my Ragnarok Online server

    Im looking for a hoster who can host my Ragnarok Online server called StarWarsRO. It is as it sounds, you can use lightsabers, be a jedi, a dark jedi, and much much more. Though I just started making it so I dont have much done. I am going ahead and getting a hoster so we can host it right when we finish it and we wont have to worry about finding a hoster at the last second. You will be payed according to donations. This server is expected to get 100+ people because of how many people love Star Wars. Though as I said it is expected, it might now ~sob~. Anyways, I will have the community to donate some money once a month to keep the server up. Though i wont force them to donate, but I will ask them. Hopefully some will donate and keep this server up and running when do we put it up. You dont need to worry about no one donating because we will have donations if we get a a lot of people like I think we will. I need a dedicated host that can host 24/7 with no lag. Thanks head^^.

    ...If you can host my server, then contact me on MSN"
    Email/MSN: [email protected]

    Again, Thanks ahead.

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    I love Star Wars, so I would love to help, but do you need a Windows or Linux server?

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