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Thread: Designer Block

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    * Designer Block

    What do you guys do when you get designer block?

    I sit and stare at the screen for days.

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    Come back to it when I'm in a different mood.

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    I'm a crummy designer anyway so there's nothing to block.
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    or i come to and read around a bit. i haven't had a design block for at least 5 months, instead i have "how to" blocks.

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    I sit and stare at the screen for days.
    That's my approach to the issue too. For some reason I don't think it works too well. - My somewhat inactive and fairly uninteresting blog.

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    I would get as far away from the computer as possible

    Music helps to get the creative juices flowing!

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    It's my belief that designer's/writer's block tends to come around when you've worked so hard that you don't have any more ideas...

    I usually rest and do other less demanding things, like watch TV, listen to the music or read. I've heard people say that they've gotten through "block" by continuing to write - I tend to disagree with this.

    Slow down, take a break, relax. For we are only human.
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    I'm a fan of picking up inspiration in odd places. I one dabbled with a design based loosely on bathroom wallpaper. Try looking through magazines, interesting sites (CSS Zengarden comes to mind), billboards, etc. This isn't an exercise in ripping, mind you. It's an exercise in opening up your own design perspectives by learning from what others are doing and then creating new, unique things.

    If nothing else, it'll help pass the time until your block goes away
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    I surf the net, and just start jumping from site to site, to get the ideas flowing again.

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    wow, the last 3 recomendations are right on! Thats what I tend to do based on how soon I need something done. If I am in a crunch, I will pick up objects, magazines, surf the web, etc. Otherwise, I will go outside and do something, get away from the computer, when I do this, I tend to look at designs on billboards, signs, cars, everything. But it helps to get away from the computer.
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    i love to watch TV, there are lots of inspiring ads and music videos

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    Design Block

    Great recommendations... I always surf around for a while. I usually find something interesting, a bit here a navigation scheme there, some interesting graphics etc. And yeah, go for a walk for awhile and come back. Or go watch TV... I find I get alot of ideas from watching TV, just for the fact that usually it's crap on TV and I find my mind wandering. Then I get an idea, get excited and can't wait to run back to my computer to try it.

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    I dig out my old web design books and page through them for inspiration. Even if I've looked through a particular book many times, I always manage to spot something new which usually helps get that "spark." I also get a lot of ideas from design and fashion magazines.

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    I've gor a five months old son and after spending several hours listening to his screaming, whining and all that without any imaginable way to stop this I get SO many bright ideas I urgently need to work on in my tightly closed study.

    I love my son - he's my muse.

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    great! i think i've been jinxed!!!

    i'm having a designer's block right now and have been since about a day after i posted.

    boy this is not good. oh they say...what do they say?


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    I go outside if I need to start designing relativly soon. Trees, air, people, and music all clear my mind and I forget about the assgnment. When i come back to the drawing board I can start doodling and the ideas start to flow.

    If I have more time on my hands there are some cool tricks I've learned such as changing your sleeping arangements. Sleep on the couch, or flip upside down, leave the lights on for a nap, turn on some music really softly. Stay up all night doing other stuff and come back to it when youi are just about to pass out and draw/write whatever comes to mind. When I wake up I'll read it over and sometimes it clicks.

    Or I go for a run. Excersise is a great way to clear your mind.

    I believe designers block is from concentrating too hard on the subject and limiting yourself. Expand and relax your mind and emotions. But most importanly remember, it's just design; no one lives or dies.

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