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    * Designer Looking for Employment

    I am looking for a steady job as a web designer that pays just like a normal job. If you are looking for someone to hire and need to do back round check or anything of that nature just send me a pm or e-mail ([email protected]). If you are located in VA beach then I don't mind meeting you for a interview. Anyone else in other states I will still take the job only if I can depend on your company. Thanks and have a nice day.

    Name: Daniel A Rollins
    Date of Birth: 10/20/86
    Area: Virginia , Virginia Beach

    Career Objectives:
    I hope to aquire a job at a reputable company to learn more about web design , pc repair , and networking.

    5-4yrs experience in web design.
    4yrs experience in PC computer repair and networking.
    I can project corporate company design with user friendly interfaces.
    I have taken both A+ software class and hardware class with passing grades.

    Software I routinely use:
    Image Ready
    Bryce 3D
    3D Studio Max 6 ( I rarely use this but I still have used more then a few times)

    Code I routinely use:
    PHP ( I am not a php expert )

    Web Management Systems
    Animated Graphics
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    I have not been hired as of yet. Still looking for a job.

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    Please send me a portfolio or post it here. Im not looking for someone full-time, but I have occasional projects for web design, some of which are coming up quickly.

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