I need some quick cash for my car payments and insurance, but then again who doesn't.

Anyway, here is some thing I can do:

Tutorials - Maybe 5-15 dollars per tutorial
Layouts (1 PAGE) - Starting at 10-50 dollars
Layouts (1+ PAGES) - 50+ negotiable
Logos - 5+
Banners - 5+

If you need something coded, my company could do it for a reasonable price.

Since I am desperate for some work fast, ALL prices are negotiable, I just need to get some money fast.

I am very experienced in photoshop and can get work done VERY fast...Most of the time I can finish everything same day, some in just a few minutes/hours.

All styles can be done but we are best at the style shown at

Please contact me for good, negotiable prices and fast, reliable work!


Matt Renner

[email protected]
AIM: Rennation06
MSN: [email protected]