Genious Communications is a web hosting & design company, which is offering web hosting & customized design for low price.

Our first area of expertise is in Web Design. We can create your Web Site, design your web pages or change your site in anyway to match your Business needs.

Our second area of expertise is in Web Hosting. This service is what gets your site hosted online within a secure box. We can register your domain as well as provide you with email. Ex. and [email protected].

The third service we specialize in is Reseller Hosting. This tool is very interesting because it allows for both parties, the seller and reseller, to generate profits in an equal way by selling hosting services.

The fourth service we offer is Dedicated Hosting. If your company needs to have their own Dedicated Server with high speed access to the internet, Genious can provide this to you at wholesale pricing.

Domain name & hosting starting at 45 / year

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