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    milescape - finally dead? is currently down. I cannot reach their site. Does anyone know if they've been shut down for good? Furthermore, I obviously can't reach my own site which is hosted on milescape, including pop, smtp, ftp etc.. My current billing period doesn't expire until late november 05.

    Ah feck, Milescape is dead as far as I'm concerned, and I'm switching to a new host asap (ie: NOW!)

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    Their website seems to load fine here. I don't know what domain you're hosting with them, but check to see if it works aswell.

    Good luck

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    Checked their website. Works fine. I think you should contact the local support

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    It's loading fine for me too..

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    Their server was definitely off-line when Ricochet first posted - I did a check.

    Ricochet, maybe you would like to check with their support to see if they will offer you an explanation. Things like this sometimes do happen.
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