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    sunstroke / heat exhaustion

    hey guys

    i've had a really tough week in the sun, and yesterday it culminated in me suffering symptoms from either heat exhaustion or sunstroke,

    i was going from hot to cold, dizzy, headache, couldn't talk too well, had difficulty standing up. I got infront of the fan and fealt instantly better, took my temp and it was 38.5 before but then went down to 37.

    Now at some point during the night i pulled the sheets over me and warmed myself up again, waking up with 38 temp and a littel headache.

    Has anyone had sunstroke? did you take salt of any kind? i've been having cold water and chocolate along with fruit

    thanks for any advice guys

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    It sounds like heat exhaustion. Did you stop sweating at any point? Heat stroke is incredibly dangerous - your body basically overheats to the point where it stops regulatiing your temp. Your symptoms sound like heat exhaustion but getting close to heat stroke. You really should have sought some help at that point just to be sure.

    Basic rule during hot weather - drink water. If your urine is not clear then you are not hydrated enough.
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    during the day i was sweating fine but when i was lying down and feeling my worst, going from hot to cold, i don't think i was sweating. Urine is clear, it's not dark.

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    You just need to get your temp down.

    DevilDog is right. Heatstroke is very serious. As an example some marathon runners that push themselves too hard can literally 'liquify' their muscles because of it and die.

    If your urine is 'normal' then you probably have enough fluids. Your body is just trying to regulate itself and may be out of whack. Find somewhere cool (Malls and Shopping Centers are a good start).

    If you're concerned, check into an ER a.s.a.p.
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    i was a little concerned lastnight but lowered my body temp and felt a lot better, but still tired and weak.

    I'm still weak now but took one of the dogs out, with a big straw hat on hehe, and was sweating a little so i guess i could take that as my body is trying to regulate again.

    i think it's most likely heat exhaustion as i tried to do a little exercise after coming in yesterday, it was soon after that i felt terrible.

    I have to take a friend to the airport but the car has air conditioning so i think i'll be fine in there, i'm not as tired sitting down as standing up. thanks for the input guys

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    Get some kind of sports drink, like Gatorade, and drink plenty of it...and, please, stay out of the sun/heat for a few days!!!

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    hehe, yeah defintely no sun for me, i have to subject myself to a few minutes of it when taking the dogs out, can't have dog poop everywhere that would make me feel worse

    cool i think i have some isotonic drinks around, thanks

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    You should seek the advice of a doctor, because dizzy & headache
    Could also mean you have high blood pressure.

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    Originally posted by AH-Tina
    Get some kind of sports drink, like Gatorade
    Electrolites (sp?)

    In a nutshell there're 'body salts' that help regulate your body's functions.
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    Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion are very very serious as others have mentioned. A few years ago a friend of mine in highschool was sitting at the cafeteria table and began having the same symptons and before he could get out of the cafeteria he collapsed and the ambulance was called. He had even been drinking a coke at lunch but it didn't have the necessary nutrients even though it may have brought his temperature down. He was in the hospital for 2 days and was watched very carefully, because it affects your organs for quite a while supposedly. If you are in the US I know it is expensive to see a doctor but if you can at all I would suggest seeking some professional opinions if you notice any other issues.
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    i'm in spain and have extensive health coverage, i went to the pharmacy which is about 30 meters away from me and they gave me a nutrient/electrolyte replacement drink for people with dehydration. I fell a lot better now, a slight high temp 37.5 ,no headache, and have a lot more energy.

    I think i was tinkering on the edge of heat exhaustion and that little bit of exercise i tried just set it off.

    If i still have a temp in the morning i'm going stright to the ER

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    Take it from soneone serving in the army.

    If you're going to be out in the sun, hydrate yourself every 2 hours. Pump your body with water, 1 litre each time would be a good amount. Go beyond the point of thirst for sure. When you urinate, check the colour of your urine. If it's transparent and clear, you're drinking enough. If you see even pale yellow, that's a sign that you're not drinking enough.

    Head exhaustion is an extremely dangerous and deadly condition, you should be aware of that.
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    I've experienced similar symptoms before, but I recognized them early and made sure to stop whatever it was I was doing (I believe this happened worst when I was once running a mile for physical fitness tests in gym; the temperature was in the 90s, and I was feeling crappy that day to begin with). I vomited and blacked out; when I awoke, I, at first, had no idea where I was. Even when it came back to me, I felt dizzy and slightly queasy the rest of the day. At that point, the only thing that could make me feel better was getting a good night's sleep in a cool environment.

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    Heat stoke / exhaustion can do permanent damage to your organs, especially kidneys. I've lost mine (due to high blood pressure) and am on haemodialysis to keep me alive until a donor organ comes available.
    Until you have to survive without kidneys, you can't comprehend how many different things those suckers take care of without you even realising - sweat, urine, blood cell regeneration, sugar levels.. they all have to be taken care of artificially, and even then you still feel like a sack of potatoes!
    Don't take chances with heatstroke and dehydration. Slip-slop-slap, and always take water with you when you walk, cycle or run.


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