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Thread: Email hosting

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    Email hosting

    I have been searching for this on the forum for sometime but I haven't found anything about it.

    Are there any email hosting services you guys recommend? I have no more then 6 emails to host more in the near future.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Hi, you could always just sign up for a regular shared hosting service and use that to host your email. Or are you particularly looking for a 'email only' hosting service?
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    I would second Moni-Q's advice. I have Site5 hosting and they have great functionality with their e-mail including pop, imap, and web mail support. You would have other features that you might use for other purposes.

    Provided you really don't need that functionality then I know GoDaddy has e-mail hosting services. They're reliable as a domain registrar for me but I have not tried their e-mail hosting.
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    Echoing everyone else's opinions, just sign up with a well known, reliable hosting provider for there smallest hosting package. Just leave the website blank and utilize the e-mail features associated with the account.

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