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    Affordable Dedicated server Required

    Hello all,

    Mostly i buy servers from theplanet but right now 1 of my client need a server only for saving data.

    And his requirement is 160 GB hardrive and 1000 GB bandwith and at least 2.0 Intel machine with 512 RAM

    i am looking for a affordable cheap deal is there anyone who can offer me a good price ?

    1 more thing i will manage server my self i just need a semi manage server like if there will be something big i will handle that to server provider Like the planet.

    Also i want some feedback about .

    - Purebox -
    The hosting beyond
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    I did a search on and I have seen nothing but praises for them. They have machines that fit in your requirements and I'm sure they will go out of the way to help you.

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    If you're seriously going to use, I'd most probably recommend you to which I think is cheaper and well... they are most probably more heard of.

    Their new management seems to be working good as I have not heard, seen or anything about a complain for them for a very very long time already.

    think about it... check them out too...

    Good luck, take care and all the best!
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    No please?

    I want I want I want...

    Lucky there are so many nice people around here.

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