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    block incoming mail based on ip?

    was looking for a way to block incoming mail based on IP.

    basically 80% of all viruses that were recieved on my server today came from two IP addresses. If can block these it would reduce load by a great deal.

    I am running Cpanel with Mailscanner as well.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if it is a simple solution, please forgive my ignorance as I am fairly new to all this.


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    If you are running a hardware firewall or software firewall on the box (like Shorewall for example) then just simply add them to your blacklist.

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    I think iptables can do it or you can add it to spamassassin rules
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    sorry, no firewall
    and even though i can blacklist on SA, it will only mark it as spam, it will still be processed thus generating load.

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    Originally posted by r2tech
    sorry, no firewall
    Get one

    If you are running Linux I'm willing to bet IPTables is installed.

    If it isn't

    yum install iptables
    apt-get iptables

    After that, or if it is installed already

    iptables -A INPUT -s <> -j DROP

    Will block an IP from your server completely

    Alternatively you could just block it from your port 25, but if people are sending virus's then they probably aren't trying to do ou any favors on other ports either...

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