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    Charge the same for discount for Multiple Domains/Websites?

    I currently run a small webhosting business and I have some clients who have mutiple websites they would like me to host.

    Anyway, my question is, should I just charge the same I do for a regular domain once again? (eg, lets say I charged $10 for 1 domain/website hosting, the monthly price for their two sites would be $20)

    Or, do you think I should offer some sort of discount such as $10 per month for the original domain, and $5 for every domain/website after that? (eg, 2 websites would cost $15 per month, 3 would be $20 etc..)

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    Bottom line is they could get a reseller account and save themselves and you a hassle. Or you could offer them a reseller/multi-hosting account if you are using WHM...

    If the web closed at midnight, what would YOU do?

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    I offer a somewhat specialised service, my clients are very untechnical minded (they dont even know how to use FTP). So this isnt really an option.

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