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    Server Attached - How to prevent ??


    i have a server on nocster, since morning, its not resolving.

    when i try to fetch it through ip it works, but non of the domains get resolved.

    the dns are pefeect, the nameservers can be pinged to the server, but none of the services are being able to be accessed via the domain name. and there are more then 400 websites on the server.

    suddenly since last 9 hours it has stoped resolving the domain.

    the datacenter people say that it is UDP floods.

    but i dont think so. my server does not show me any packets recieved. ?

    how to check that, that it is being flooded. and what does it mean by udp flood and how to prevent.

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    What your DC is trying to tell you is that it is experiencing DDOS attacks.

    You do not have to be the one who gets attacked in order for your server to die. It could be any server on the same switch with you. You will definitely feel the effect. There was once where my server's neighbour got DDOS and my entire server went GOODBYE along with the neighbour as no traffic could flow through, so if your server is down to due to this, it's totally understandable. Also just remember, DDOS takes a whole BIG bandwidth.

    Hope you find yoru solution soon. Good luck, and take care!
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