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    Let me help me help you!

    Hello fellow WHT readers!

    Recently out of work, I'm looking for a few portfolio pieces to beef up the ol' leather briefcase before I start applying for anymore jobs. Naturally, I'm not after payment (unless you have anything else to offer; I'm looking for a host if anyone's interested in doing me that favour) for any favours I do anyone, so don't worry there.

    Right, onto the good stuff. Here's what I can do for you:
    [list=1][*]xHTML. I am well versed in the current forms of xHTML. From 4 to XHTML 1.1.
    [*]CSS. I code in CSS1 & 2 and use various CSS3 properties if the server permits (IE7) or if the browser does. I can guarantee my work to be cross platform in all major browsers (IE5/6, Mozilla, Netscape).
    [*]PHP. I have a good knowledge of procedural PHP coding. I develop, usually, under late PHP4 environments. Don't ask me to code in .NET. I did that in my last job; I didn't get on with it. Also, don't ask me to recode Amazon for you
    [*]SQL. Goes hand in hand with my PHP experience, I suppose, but basically all the stuff I do in PHP has an SQL backend. My preferred platform is MySQL.[/list=1]
    That covers most things. There are a few things I'd rather not do unless I would be given certain reimbursement. Mainly design stuff. I consider myself a moderately logical person: I find it easier to write code than to get a good design going - and I want to come away with several good portfolio pieces from this experience.

    Okay, some examples of my work:
    [list=1][*]Thomas Sumpter School - local school website project done under my last job.
    [*]VisitNorthLincolnshire - Project for the Tourism department of the local government. I did the backend for this site, the design is attributed to a fellow designer.
    [*]Winterton Agricultural Society - bit of a mish mash, this. Basically, I did the entire website in PHP and designed it myself. However, I left before the project was finished, and the clients wanted an ASP platform. So, in the end the website was developed in ASP - and the menu was changed (hence it looks out of place).[/list=1]
    I do have a few terms, though. Any work I do for you should be accredited to myself (I normally leave a HTML comment footnote, anyway) and hopefully kept online indefinitely (although I will keep a copy for my portfolio).

    I look forward to working with you.

    Leave a reply here if you have any work, or alternatively:

    Email: 'james.willock' at that 'gmail' place. You can get hold of me on MSN Messenger at the same address.

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    Email sent


    Drunkpuppy at that gmail place

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