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    Post Looking for Business Partner

    Hello Everyone,

    Basically I am looking for a Partner to help me run an online template store. I have had this website for 2 years or so, and though it was doing quite well in the past (earning around $3,000 per month) I went through some difficult times personally and was forced to set my website ventures aside. Now, however, I am ready to pick up the pieces and get this thing rolling again. Learning from my mistakes in the past, I now know that running this website alone is quite stressful, and therefore I have decided to seek out someone to share the load with. I am looking for someone to contribute 50/50, work and funding, and receive %50 of the profits.

    Ok, a little about the website. Even though it has been inactive, the website is still quite popular. It receives around 600 daily unique visitors, and has a PR6 and 1,860 targeted back links. Recently I have been working toward search engine rankings for “Website Templates,” and though I have only been doing it for a week or so I am already #28 or so in yahoo/MSN. I am also on the first page in google for “Website Template Membership.” (just some examples of the potential this site still has as far as search engines go.) Anyway, you are probably what the url is so take a look:

    The website sells its products on a membership basis. All of our templates/other products are original, or have been purchased from other parties with resell rights. As I canceled my old 2checkout account payments are only being accepted through PayPal right now, but that can be changed soon. The signup process and payment process are automated, so we don't have to worry about that, and there is an easy to use members area script (Locked Area) currently installed.

    So who am I looking for? Right now I am hoping to find someone that has already experienced the template business, and or owns several websites. I am looking for someone that can spend time answering emails, updating templates, creating templates if he can, and contributing money. I know this website can be successful because I did it in the past, but it does take time. I am looking for someone with patience, and a desire to make something great.

    I am open to talking with anyone via email or AIM. Please give me a message at [email protected] if you are interested!

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    I am interested, pm me your aim please.

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    Interesting, I did search on google for "Website Template Membership." and you did come on the 1st page, however iam getting a -1 PR for your website using
    Nice website btw.

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    almost all page ranking website are doing same thing since yesterday

    any idea why?

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    Yes your correct, google seems to be rempving the PR system! its not a PR update as some say or it would give a PR0 not -1

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    Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. Thanks to those who emailed me!

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    Didn't see your aim name listed... Mine is matthewrgunnin if you could msg me please.
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.™

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