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    Looking For Stats That Show Trends

    Hey, I am looking for a web stats program to run on my server (not a desktop version such as ClickTracks) that preferably users PHP and MySQL. I just went through all 196 PHP scripts for stats listed on Hotscripts and found nothing that had what I wanted but I may have missed something.

    What is important to me is that the software doesn't just tell me that I have 2000 hits from Google or that the keyword "help" led to my site 50 times or even that 80% of my visitors use Windows because I don't care about that, how do I know that the last visitor using Windows wasn’t 2 years ago and no one has used it since. I want to be able to compare by month/week/day/whatever how many people get to my site from Google using the keyword "help" and know if I am slipping or improving. Hope that makes sense, basically I want to be able to see the word "help" led to my site 20 times in January, 30 times in February and 0 time March and have that kind of info for referrers and even OS and Browser although that is not as important. The closest I have seen that did not cost close to $1000 was nettracker lite which tells when the last time a visitor used a certain keyword or followed a certain link.

    I swear I saw a script like this once can not find it in my history to save my life so I would appreciate suggestions from anyone. I would prefer something open source or cheap but all suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you.

    P.S. I found this program in the forums and the page is similar to what I am looking for but I would like more than just a week in the graphs.

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    Urchin allows you to mine the data by time period. You can go to your referrers/keywords screen and make changes in what day/month/time period is being shown.

    I am not aware of anything that would do this automatically for you.
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