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    Toll-Free Number


    Can anyone recommend a toll free service that offers a #1-800 from the USA, then directed to a cellphone in Europe?

    Also, is their any service that allows toll free number from anywhere in the world, then directed to a cellphone in Europe?


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    We use Freedom Voice here actually. Their site states they will transfer to Europe.

    I do not think there is a specific number that is toll-free world-wide yet.

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    We also use Freedom Voice - all the extra services are fantastic!

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    Freedom Voice gets my vote as well. All the extra services that are offered help us with our daily business needs

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    If you dont need a PBX or are running your own like us. i recomend

    I just got one few months ago and have it forward to our VOIP line, i dont know if it can forward to Europe.
    Max Wilson

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