Coupon Code: SAV15NOW

Thats right, were not the cheapest place out there. Sure you can go get hosting for a dollar, and now a days, it seems like the host will pay you to go with them ... hehee but now we are opening our doors to web hosting talk members!

What we do is called Quality Hosting. We don't oversell, we respond to our customers in a very timly fashion, and most of our clients hear about us through word of mouth as we have had very little need to advertise.

So if your interested, check us out. We are offering 20% off for new web hosting talk customers only which is something new for us, and probably won't be doing it again, however the coupon code you can use is SAV15NOW .

So come check us out at the least...

You get what you pay for, but remember at Nexus Networks you get a lot!