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    Question [HELP] Cannot ping IP's but can access websites...

    Recently, I haven't been able to ping/tracert any ip's addresses but I have been able to browse websites as normal. The image above shows the time outs for pings. Other programs such as Symantec LiveUpdate for my Norton Antivirus cannot connect as well as the update feature for my Ad-aware. Anyone aware of any sort of virus that can cause these kinds of problems? I find it weird that I can browse all websites but I cannot ping/tracert or connect to any servers to update programs.

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    Have you got a firewall?

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    I have disabled the Windows firewall. I also tried hooking the modem via USB cable but the same thing happens.

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    Have you checked ipconfig from a dos window to check you have an ip, default gw, and dns set?

    You may only be viewing cached pages.
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    Your ISP may be blocking ICMP pings to hosts (as well as traceroutes).

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    You might ask your ISP if they are filtering that traffic at all. I ran in to a similar issue here once. Turned out to be my ISP blocked all pings and traces for a while. Their excuse was to prevent virus transmission. Yikes.
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    My own isp filters ICMP on my cable modem, I can't ping or traceroute jack from home...
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