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    Hi everyone, is for sale, complete with a unique and custom made design, highly marketable domain name and already lightly promoted.

    The website opened in May and has already brought in close to 500 uniques.
    And is already added to well over 40 hosting directories so the brute work is already done for you.

    SEO :

    I think the site will do great in search engines surprisingly it has already brought in hits from yahoo with the search of 'excellenthost'

    We are currently on servers via but the option of moving is obviously up to the new owner.


    Partnerships have already been established with top companies, should you follow through with them is also up to the new owner.
    But basically everything is in place for someone to establish theirself quickly and easily.

    BIN = 1.9k

    will entertain all offers over $1k

    you can see the 4 google hits^

    What are my expenses don't really have to be yours, the site is currently run off of an LT server which runs me 120 a month, but the site can easily be transfered to a reseller account or another server of your choice.
    I have yet to do any SEO work which is why I was surprised to see hits from google, the site opened May 9th.
    I did have an investor interested in the site as well in which I can connect the two of you, but what happens from there I cannot make any guarantees.

    Thank You
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    $1000?? Are there any customers or is this just for the website/domain?
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    Yes, I've had offers in the thousands for the domain alone.
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    So you are just selling a website design and a domain name and you want at least $1K?

    Steven Billings
    2UK2 - Local Solutions, World Wide Potential

    First-Rate Support, Stupendous Prices, Remarkable Uptime
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    everything described in the first post is what you get.
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    Which directories is it listed in?
    Did you buy the traffic for it or has it come from genuine type ins?
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    the second pic will show where the traffic has come from.

    currently listed at

    and more
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    If you have had thousands for the domain alone, then why is the buy it now price only $1900?
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    I can see the domain and design being worth 1k
    Considering it is a unique and nice design *which if priced right can cost alot of money* and it is a good domain.

    Best of luck with this sale.
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    I meant I had a $1,000 offer for the domain alone, sorry that was a typo, didn't mean thousands.

    I am willing to negotiate though
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    Just the domain and no design for 1k?
    I think this should be moved to domain name offers and request.
    (if that is the case)
    Still good luck with the sale.
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    lol, sorry for all the confusion
    EVERYTHING you see is for sale, fully developed website and domain.

    A few people were questioning the price, so I simply stated the domain alone is worth 1k, justified by past offers I got for it.

    But, everything is for sale and I am willing to work anywhere in the 1k area.

    Thanks for the kind words
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    BIN lowered to 1.7k
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    I'd be willing to deal somewhere in the 800 area, BIN stands at 1.6k
    Make your offers
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    I'm going to lower the BIN to 850, which way more money was put into this than that, so this is a real steal for whoever gets it.

    I need the money to fund my next project so I'll have to absorb the bad hit here.

    BIN = 850
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    This site is now sold and under new ownership. If the admins could please delete or move this thread to the trash bin out of respect for the new owners that'd be greatly appreciated.
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