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    Ded customers for sale|15% LayeredTech Reseller Acc|Special Offer

    I am selling a small number of dedicated server customers which are hosted in Savvis and ThePlanet through LayeredTech.

    There is also a debt going with this account which you will have to take on, so please deduct this from the price you are offering.

    The customers due dates:

    Start Date: 08/01/2004
    My cost: $88.75
    Customer cost: $99

    Start Date: 08/17/2004
    My cost: $49.30
    Customer cost: $55
    Profit: $5.7
    (Customer pays every 3 months)

    Start Date: 12/06/2004
    My cost: $74.30
    Customer cost: $83
    Profit: $8.7

    Start Date: 02/18/2005
    My cost: $80.75
    Customer cost: $95
    Profit: $14.25

    Debt: $1,325.05

    All customers pay monthly unless writen otherwise.
    You must pay off the debt with LayeredTech if taking over the company.

    These customers are from an established company that has been in operation since 2002.
    The reason for sale is that we no longer want to sell dedicated server customers.
    These are the only customers we have with LayeredTech under our account.

    We have a special arrangement with LayeredTech and we get 15% discount (Which is a lot more than normal) for our account - You will also take this on).

    All payments are currently made through paypal.

    We can pay off the debt or part pay while you pay the rest before someone takes over the customers.


    I would like to keep this to offline payment, cheque, money order etc.
    If you would like to pay via any online method, you must pay any fees involved - I don't normally do this but I would rather keep the sale offline.

    You will not take over the company name, I will stop selling dedicated servers but I am keeping the company going for shared and reseller customers.
    Because of this, we can offer your dedicated server service through our website, giving you even more exposure and a higher change of dedicated customers!

    Please PM me any questions and offers.


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    For a monthly profit of ~$30 after processing fees, you're looking for someone to take on $1325 worth of debt? That would nearly take 45 months just to break even. I hate to tell you, but I don't think anyone's going to bite at your offer.

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    I'm not actually looking to make a profit on this, just sell off the account.


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    I say you just ask LT to take over to be honest. I really don't understand how you have gotten yourself into so much debt?

    If anybody is going to take over, I wouldn't expect them to pay, as it would take them over 3 years to pay off the existing debt if they did..

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    Yeah I think your best bet would be to approach some large dedicated hosting companies and offer it all to them... I mean at the moment I can honestly see no incentive for anyone to do this.
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    Is the debt with layeredtech or how did it occur?
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    I am sure it is due to over usage, only takes one or two bad customers to cause such a debt, I can recall a period where I had alot in over usage fees I had to pay out of pocket since the customers went dead beat....

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    I am sure it is due to over usage, only takes one or two bad customers to cause such a debt, I can recall a period where I had alot in over usage fees I had to pay out of pocket since the customers went dead beat....
    Exactly Tom, there were more customers and they did a runner, I have terminated their servers and already paid off a lot of debt they put me in.
    The remaining customers are stable, always pay on time and are loyal as long as they receive a good service, which I have provided to them.


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    I have had a bid of $50.

    I am happy with this but I have to see what I have to do to get my account moved to someone else.


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    i just pm'ed u

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    ill bid 74 bucks for this mess, what is the number to call for the debt? i want to work plan with them

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    hello , please let me know status, iam readyy to work this out

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